In Malaysia three women were punished for sex outside marriage

Under the decision of the Malaysian authorities, three women were punished for illegitimate sex. This is the first case in the history of the country of such corporal punishment of women in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Interior Minister Khisamuddin Hussein said that the punishment was carried out on February 9 in a prison outside the capital of the country, Kuala Lumpur.

Each of the women was struck up to six times. One of them is reportedly already released from prison.

The Malays, who constitute the ethnic majority, live according to Sharia law and ethnic minorities still fairly large – the Chinese and the Indians – do not.

The authorities do not specify how the women were punished, but experts say that women are usually not beaten strongly, emphasizing that this is more of a symbolic punishment. Read also: Women of Malaysia – austerity and chastity

In Malaysia three women were punished for sex outside marriage

In an interview with Reuters, Minister Khisamuddin said that the punishment may not hurt, but nevertheless it hurts. “The punishment is to learn how to live and give chance to those who have gone on the wrong road, to improve and start a new better life,” he added.

Meanwhile, another Malaysian woman Kartika Sari Devi Shukarno is awaiting a decision on her case: she can be punished for drinking beer. She was sentenced to six strokes by a whip from a rattan vine, but now the matter is being reviewed by the authorities.

Kartika Sari Devi Shukarno was arrested in December 2007, immediately pleaded guilty for the committed offense and did not try to appeal the verdict. She stated that she was ready to be carved and that she respects the law and also asked to be subjected to this punishment publicly. Read also: Is it possible to marry Malaysian woman?

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